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Stay Tuned for the 2020 Audi Q8 Review!

Test Drive | Everyday Driver Review: The Audi Q8, a discounted counterpart of a Lamborghini? In the trend of superfast SUVs, the Audi Q8 is the latest to make its impression. Its capability and output match up to the Lamborghini Urus, sharing much in common with that car. The guys test theQ8's features on a field trip through the highways and country roads to see first hand its abilities and weak points.


The 2020 BMW X6 versus the 2020 Audi Q8: Which SUV is better?!

Comparison Review: The BMW X6M vs Audi RS Q8, Who reigns as the King of Coupe SUV? What SUV coupe will be the right one for you? Let us know in the comments and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. :-)

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Audi supplies 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque to every Q8 with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6.

 Trim Comparison

Audi Q8

    The starting price for Audi Q8 is $68,200.
  • Audi Q8 is the Audi brand's new top SUV, with its outstanding driving dynamics, its functional practicality and the innovative design of an Audi coupe.

Audi RS Q8

    For Audi RS Q8, the baseline price starts at $114,500 and go beyond with upgrades.
  • Audi RS Q8 has the practicality of an SUV, the dynamic design of an Audi coupe and the exceptional performance of an RS model. It sets a new standard as the leader of the new RS model line with its outstanding feature - a bi-turbo V8 engine, offering first-rate performance and a breathtaking driving experience. Audi's RS Q8

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Audi Q8 a reliable car?

Similar to other Audi vehicles, the 2021 Audi Q8 is stamped falls on the average range with a predicted reliability rating of three out of five.

Are massage seats available in Audi Q8?

The Q8 is furnished with two seats three passengers, both are in the rear. These seats offer relaxation options like massage options, four-zone climate control, and Bang & Olfusen sound system for an Audi luxury experience. Audi planned to introduce a Remote Garage Pilot back in 2019. This feature allows the driver to park in and out of the parking space using a smartphone.

Does Audi Q8 offers an eight-seat as an option?

The Audi Q8 limits it seating capacity to just five passengers. These comfortable leather upholstered seats are a standard.

Is the Audi q8 bigger than the q7?

The Q8 follows the compact Q5 and the seven-seater Q7 in the Audi's roster. While the Q8 name indicates it is bigger than the Q7, much as the Audi sedan A8 is larger than the A7, it isn't. The Q8 has lesser passenger and cargo capacity than the Q7.

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