Why Buy Genunine Ford Parts?

Ford Parts Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near St. Robert

What are the warranty terms for Ford parts?

All original Ford parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever happens first. The warranty specifically applies to repair and servicing work and not any damage or fault due to the vehicle's normal wear and tear.

Are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and genuine parts the same?

There is a difference between the two; OEM refers to a part made by the manufacturer or made specifically for them by another company. When something is referred to as a "genuine part", it means the manufacturer supplied the original parts in the vehicle.

How long am I covered with a Ford warranty?

Ford provides warranty covering any factory or manufacturing defects for up to 3 years or 60,000 miles.

Are any Ford parts made in China?

Ford manufactures parts in different countries, including China, Mexico and Canada.

Does Ford use and manufacture their own parts?

Yes, all parts are manufactured by Ford.


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Popular Ford Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Master Cylinder Assembly - Ford (2C3Z-7C522-E)

Ford 2C3Z-7C522-E Master Cylinder Assembly Available Online Direct At OEM Ford Part
Sale Price: $158.17
Parts & Accessories

Wheel Lock Kit

Part Number: F3SZ-1A043-A
Other Names: Wheel Locks, Zinc Plated For Hidden Lugs, Lock Set, Wheel Lock Set, Nut - Wheel
Description: With exposed. Non exposed. Wheel Anti-Theft Lock Kit For Hidden Lugs, Zinc Plated. Chrome plated.
Fits: Ford: Escape, Focus, Fusion Lincoln: MKZ, Zephyr
Sale Price: $54.99
Parts & Accessories

Brake Shoes

Part Number: 8V5Z-2200-A
Other Names: Shoes, Kit - Brake Lining
Replaces: BE8Z-2200-B, BRF-12-, BRF-1580-, E4BZ-2200-B
Description: Fiesta. With rear drum brakes, to 08/20/2017. With rear drum brakes, from 08/21/2017. To 08/21/17.
Fits: Ford: Fiesta
Sale Price: $102.55
Parts & Accessories


Part Number: L1MZ-10346-B
Other Names: Alternator Assembly
Description: 3.5L, with dual alternators. 2.3L, without heated frt seats.
Fits: Ford: Explorer, Transit-150, Transit-250, Transit-350, Transit-350 HD
Sale Price: $231.49

Ford Parts & Accessories Videos

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Do you know when it's time to get your alternator checked out? This video will show you what to look out for when diagnosing alternator problems, using a multimeter. Some hints of alternator issues could be trouble starting your car, dim headlights or a weak sounding engine.

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How to Change Catalytic Converters and Transmission Fluid and Filter Using a 2017 Ford Transit In-depth video showing how to change catalytic converters and fluid change on a 2017 Ford Transit 3.7L

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